As a part of the services we offer, Travelers Health and Wellness has been able to provide private sessions and group fitness classes to professionals traveling in and out of Seattle. We’ve had people travel across country and a few from overseas. Whether you’re traveling for 2 or 12 hours, health is up in the air (pun intended).  

Here are a few healthy tips to take with you on the road (or in the air) to your home away from home:

  1. When traveling, opt to stay at a hotel with access to a gym. If that’s not possible, buy a guest pass at a local gym for a nominal fee. Then create time for exercise: four 30-60 minute sessions a week. This is get you moving and motivated outside of your hotel room. 
  2. Pack a resistance band or tube and a traveling yoga mat, which both are lightweight, foldable and portable-but all you may need to get a full body workout. Something is better than nothing.
  3. Consider a healthy meal-delivery program so you don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt for healthy, nutritious food in a foreign land. And for those business meals, pick healthier restaurants with better options.
  4. Prioritize sleep. Schedule in 7-8 hours of sleep like you would schedule important meetings to enhance health and stay sharp during long days.
  5. Multi-task if necessary. Carry conversations climbing the StairMaster, answer emails on a stationary bike, read business materials on a treadmill or elliptical. Thought it’s not ideal, it may be the necessary evil for busy people.
  6. If all fails, take the stairs. 

For ambitious business people, fitness can fall short on the list of priorities. We believe that when a person can realize and appreciate the transcendent power of physical health and wellness on his or her personal and professional affluence, fitness naturally becomes a priority at home and away.

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