About Travelers Health and Wellness

Travelers Health and Wellness Inc has been a leading premier health and wellness service provider in downtown Seattle for years. We prioritize thinking outside the box and utilizing a holistic approach to wellness.

Our founder, Awan Johnson, is a licensed massage practitioner, National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist, and father of three. He started Travelers Health and Wellness to offer group fitness, private training, nutrition guidance, and massage therapy for those living life on the go.

Using the most current and effective assessments, highly educated training staff, cutting-edge programming, and multimodality fitness techniques, Travelers Health and Wellness is allowing more people, such as the traveling executive population, to have world-class training at their fingertips.

Through Travelers Health and Wellness online personal training, you can achieve your goals. Whether youre on a mission to burn fat and lose inches, participate in prevention fitness, or improve athletic performance, our program can help.

Lose weight, tone up, improve nutrition, gain muscle, and increase muscle size and strength. Improve stability in your joints, decrease joint aches and pains, and delay or prevent potential surgery. Minimize risks for Hypertension, Pre-Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and many others. Improve sports performance, prevent training injuries, and utilize Sports Nutrition Counseling.

Being away from home doesnt mean your fitness has to suffer. Visit our website today to get started.


Travelers Health and Wellness has revolutionized the fitness industry by offering readily available health and wellness opportunities for travelers to take advantage of while on vacation or in town for business.

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