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Awan Johnson is the CEO and Founder of Travelers Health and Wellness, located in Downtown Seattle. Awan is a graduate of Bellevue College with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness. 

With over ten years of experience in the health and fitness space. Awan has built up a formidable reputation as an expert in the industry.

A renowned and dedicated fitness professional, Awan is known for assisting countless clients to achieve their fitness goals. Awan specializes in personal training, wellness coaching, nutrition guidance, and massage therapy. 

His approach to the health industry is a holistic one. He prides himself in taking the time to learn and understand every single client’s health and wellness background – in order to specifically tailor their training needs.

Awan is a firm believer in setting realistic, achievable goals from the onset. However, he is not afraid to adjust his coaching methods should the need arise. Awan sees fitness as a collaborative relationship and insists his clients give 100 percent to reach the peak of their fitness goals.

Awan has successfully expanded his fitness offerings to include corporate clientele due to increased demand. Awan is keen that busy corporate businessmen should have access to health and wellness no matter where in the world they are. Awan continues to expand his online provision and is eager to offer more options in the near future.

Throughout Awan’s illustrious career, he has continued to give back to the community. 

Awan has volunteered as a cook to help serve the homeless. And he has also worked for the Washington State Special Olympics in an administrative capacity. Whilst working at the Special Olympics, Awan gained in-depth experience and knowledge of what living with disabilities involved. Awan thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Olympics and is looking forward to assisting them again.

Awan’s mission is to continue providing accessible, online fitness for generations, executives, and communities across multiple States. For Awan, the “Travelers” journey has only just begun, so come along and join in the fitness fun.


Travelers Health and Wellness has revolutionized the fitness industry by offering readily available health and wellness opportunities for travelers to take advantage of while on vacation or in town for business.

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