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Travelers Health and Wellness Inc has been a leader in offering premier health and wellness services in the downtown Seattle area for years. The key to their success has been thinking out of the box and utilizing a holistic approach that utilizes the most current and effective assessments, highly educated training staff, cutting edge program design and multimodality fitness techniques.

Travelers Health and Wellness Inc is taking the next step in the fitness industry by creating the ability to have these same elite and custom-tailored programs available for the masses via online personal training. This will create the ability for more people, such as the traveling executive population, to have world class training at their fingertips.

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Corporate Classes

What is the most important part of a team building event? Fun!

Yes, you do want to meet your team development goals for your program, too. But we all intuitively know that team building is more effective when it is fun, and teams that play together create bonds that can be used to help get through the more difficult times every team has to navigate. Travelers Corporate Classes specializes in team building programs that are fun, and will keep the body moving and grooving.

Personal Wellness

If you prefer one on one attention and a program truly customized to your unique physical characteristics, then our personal training program is for you. Members will go through an in-depth health history and exercise evaluation prior to the start of any of our programs. We use this information to develop a comprehensive plan that fits your lifestyle, needs, and goals, as well as to set you up with the appropriate trainer and/or program.

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