Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 0. We return home having done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Of course, this happens more often than not and we are left feeling frustrated

I want to share 5 solid tips to give you greater advantage in staying on track  as you travel abroad in regards to business-travel + healthy eating and fitness.

  1. Research Hotels – Become familiar with the hotels that offer the best fitness accommodations where you are going. Many gyms have crappy fitness centers. Try to find the gym layout on the hotel website or call ahead of time as the concierge should be well familiar with these amenities.
  2. Have your trainer provide explicit instruction – Having a cheat sheet with exercises that you are familiar with will always take the trivia out of entering the fitness center expecting the workout will just come to you.
  3. Manage your expectations – Know the limits of business travel even if you go to a yoga class or some beach walks. Some activity is better than none, although the early bird gets the worm. Starting your day with a workout, always leads to a greater work day.
  4. Build a quick support group – There is sure to be one or more persons who has similar challenges within your network. Encourage one another to form a support/workout team; show that team leader skill set.

Manage overeating and excessive drinking – A simple coconut water will help you stay hydrated satiated. Alcohol dehydrates the body and increases appetite for garbage foods. So, drink up! Drink one coconut water after each alcoholic drink, and drink lots of water the day after, between 2-3 liters. Coconut water is high in electrolytes that replenishes the body’s water levels after dehydration.  And when you are in a new place with local specialties you just have to try go ahead! Just don’t over do it.  Ask someone to split it with you or make sure you balance it out by having a small healthy meal before or after that local treat.

When practiced, these Top 5 Wellness Tips will enhance your business travel and leave you feeling empowered!

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